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Sense Sisters Gruenderinnen

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. 

Two "Sisters at Heart" in Frankfurt / M. and Toronto


More meaning and sensuality. More inner well-being. More appreciation.  Active environmental protection. Share. Paying forward. Less lip service and less  Plastic.  That and a lot  more  we wished when we started to develop our products in order to make our personal contribution to a more sustainable, fair, diverse world.  FOR us humans and FOR nature.  


Hello, we are Babette and Ilona!

"Late" founders and girlfriends. No digital natives. Mothers. Caregiver, women entrepreneurs. Throughout our lives we have carried out the balancing act between corporate world, family, independence, our own wishes and external expectations, full of passion and commitment. And - because life is full of surprises - since summer 2019 also across the Atlantic between Toronto and the Taunus. We love life in all its facets - so we know all the more about the everyday challenges people face in the most diverse phases of their lives.  


The Sense Sisters are our contribution to encourage you to go your own way. Find out what is important to you. And what not. No matter in which phase of life and with which biography. Consistent. With good conscience. We hope that our products will be able to accompany you part of the way in your life and remind you that you are just as good as you are. JUST BE. EVERYTHING WILL BE OK.

Your sense sisters

Babette & Ilona

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